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Planning, Policy, Business Analyst

(U) Planning, Policy, and Business Analyst XO-GEOS:

The Expeditionary Operations Office is seeking contractors to support the Global Expeditionary & Operational Support Team (XO-GEOS). Requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • Lead the coordination of the bi-weekly Global Expeditionary & Operational Support Team (XO-GEOS) and update presentations for the Director and KC leadership on behalf of XO leadership.
  • Prepare NGA deployer status slides and organizing and reviewing deployed leadership/analysts’ briefs.
  • Seek out, schedule, and coordinate the delivery of special analytic briefs germane to the support of expeditionary operations and send out appropriately classified briefs via emails and keep an accurate distribution list. The Contractor shall work logistics issues with the NGA VTC Team, track/update/research action items from the GEOS.
  • Update, and respond to and resolve assigned tasks in a timely manner.
  • Produce the Daily Accountability Matrix (DAM) by organizing/editing all deployed site reports into one report.
  • Identify inaccurate, conflicting, or incomplete information, and work with XO recruiters and schedulers and deployed leadership to research and fix these discrepancies. The Contractor shall also produce the weekly XO Senior Accountability Report showing an executive level view of the DAM.
  • Maintain cognizance of day-to-day critical XO activities pertaining to systems technology and data, and then communicate issues and concerns to the XO leadership.
  • Send out calendar invites with meeting minutes attached, keep up an accurate distro list, and work with NGA VTC Team on logistics.
  • Track, research, and update action items from the meetings, and respond/resolve assigned tasks in a timely manner.
  • Provide input to the generation of a Concepts of Operations (CONOPS) for NGA support to expeditionary operations based on lessons learned from current NGA deployers.
  • Provide assistance with DOD Global Force Management (GFM) requests, attend weekly VTC meetings, and work with XO leadership to accept or reject NGA requests for forces (RFFs).
  • Maintain strong lines of communication with deployed leadership teams, and coordinate between XO, NGA KCs, NGA deployers, and COCOMS on issues impacting NGA expeditionary operations.
  • Attend NGA DOP’s Operation Planning Team (OPT) meetings for emerging and new requirements of expeditionary operations, and shall keep XO leadership informed of potential impacts of new requirements to existing deployed/operational resources. The Contractor shall also attend other analytic round tables and IC special interest meetings concerning NGA deployed analysts.

                                                                                  Active TS/SCI required


(U) Cartographer (Journeyman):Locations: Springfield VA, Fort Detrick, Silver SPrings, MD

The Martime Safety Office (SFH) seeks to increase In-House DNC/ENC (Digital Nautical Charts/Electronic Navigation Charts) production and contract DNC/ENC production capacity which will allow SFH to respond more rapidly to customer requests and to enhance the quality and accuracy of SFH’s DNC/ENC portfolio. The scop f work for DNC/ENC production includes, but is not limited to support the following functions:
• Source evaluation of rasterized nautical charts, ENC, digital hydrographic survey data, Notices to Mariners (NtM), orthorectified imagery, chart catalogs and a variety of Open Source or government furnished data sets, to produce project packages for In-House or contract production.
• Compiling or updating maritime features and attributes for the SFH DNC/ENC portfolio on ArcGIS based Data Capture and Finishing Environment (DCAFE) workstations or ESRI based Foundation GEOINT Modernization (FG MOD) production environment workstations
• Extracting features from a variety of sources including but not necessarily limited to rasterized nautical charts, ENC, digital hydrographic survey data, NtM, orthorectified imagery, and chart catalogs
• Writing Python Scripts in ArcGIS to improve the efficiency of the production process
• Data conversion/migration
The Maritime Office of Safety (SFH) seeks to expand Littoral Planning Charts (LPC) production throughput to enhance the currency, quality, and accuracy of SFH’s LPC portfolio. The scope of work for LPC production includes, but is not limited to, support to the following functions:
• Source evaluation of rasterized nautical charts, DNC, ENC, digital hydrographic survey data, NtM, topographic maps, orthorectified imagery, chart catalogs, and a variety of Open Source or government furnished data sets, to produce project packages for contract mission partner or In-House LPC production.
• Compiling or updating maritime features and attributes for the SFH LPC portfolio on ArcGIS based DCAFE workstations, eSRI based FH MOD production environment workstations, or Integrated Exploitation Capability (IEC) workstations
• Extracting features from a variety of sources including but not necessarily limited to rasterized nautical charts, DNC, ENC, digital hydrographic survey data, NtM, topographic maps, orthorectified imagery, and chart catalogs
• Minimum 3 years of cartographic finishing, feature extraction from maps, charts or various imagery sources, attribution population, and related experience
• Knowledge of ESRI ArcGIS and PLTS
• Ability to geo-rectify maps, charts, and various sources
• Knowledge of NGA Products and Services
• Experience creating, editing, and manipulating shapefiles, geodatabases, and features
• Ability to export data in multiple formats, predominantly standard MILSPEC as well as shapefiles
• Knowledge of generalization rules
• Ability to use imagery for the purposes of nautical chart compilation
• Experience combining digital cartography, computer technology, GIS, cartographic and geospatial production techniques, remote sensing, photogrammetry, and digital data formats
• Ability to perform manual or automated bulk quality checks
• Knowledge of geospatial database content management
• Knowledge of symbolization rules (how symbols are used to portray features)
• Experience working with geospatial data in a multi-user enterprise environment

  Active TS/SCI required

Corporate Communications Officer

(U) Corporate Communications: Springfield VA

The primary focus of the role will be related to our customer’s Data Strategy. The Contractor shall support Senior Executive Leadership to include NGA’s Chief Data Officer and the Deputy Chief Data Officer through high-level coordination and communication formats on educating the entire NGA workforce on the data strategy vision of NGA creating, managing and securely sharing trustworthy data with the speed, accuracy and precision that our mission demands. This position will be instrumental in helping us to change the current work culture on how we will execute and implement NGA’s Data Strategy goals across the entire NGA enterprise. These goals, which were signed by the NGA Director, include 1) Managing Data as a Strategic Asset; 2) Delivering Shared Data Services; 3) Scale Data and Analytics Services; and 4) Bolstering Data Literacy in the Workforce.
• Proactively develop and implement audience specific strategic internal and external communications.
• Be innovative in proactively identifying and implementing marketing strategies
• Develop and publish NGA newsletters and Weekly Activity Reports (WARs).
• Based on a firm awareness and understanding of the NGA mission, Data Strategy and operating tempo, identify and coordinate with potential users and user groups.
• Expertly understand and analyze customer needs, and make appropriate strategic recommendations for message/information development, communication method selection, and timing of tailored messages to various target audiences.
• Research, develop, write, edit, and publish communications products (e.g., print, web, electronic, briefings).
• Working with leadership and staff; prepare material for publication and other media types, both internally and externally (enterprise-wide, and mission partner wide).
• Manage, monitor, and report on production schedules.
• Develop new innovative communication methods to reach all target audiences.
• Support NGA Senior Leadership by developing well-written/high-impact speeches, talking points, video scripts, briefings, and other communications products (e.g., emails, articles).
• Working with staff; provide Monthly and Weekly Activity Reports summarizing FTE project accomplishments.
• Plan internal and external engagements and prepare briefing materials and hand-outs, pre-briefs, agenda’s, and action item summary and taskings.
• Serve as CDO liaison with NGA Component working group members to update the content of agency websites, policies and procedures, as required.
• Coordinate details of events such as town halls, Jabber sessions, and all workforce engagement requirements.
• Coordinate schedules and details for community relations events.
Skills and Experience:
• Bachelor’s degree in communications, public relations, or similar
• 11+ years of experience within a Corporate Communications and event management environment.
• Must have 5 years demonstrated experience using the Web to conduct research, event administration, and procurement and high proficiency with Microsoft Office suite.
• Demonstrated experience with Web communications, publishing, usability, and/or social media.

  Active TS/SCI required

Imagery Intelligence Analyst

(U) Imagery Analyst: Springfield VA

Imagery Analyst services include researching the NES or its follow-on, and other appropriate databases for amplifying information, producing standard NGA imagery analysis products, and effectively collaborating with the NSG, ASG, IC, and other organizations that enhance collection, research, analysis, and product generation processes. These services include, but are not limited to:

Provide services to include researching the NES, its follow-on, SOM or SOM-like applications that support OBP and its related databases, automated message-handling systems, and other appropriate databases for amplifying information, producing standard and formalized NGA imagery analysis products, and effectively collaborating with other NGA and IC analysts during the collection, research, analysis, and product generation processes
Provide imagery analysis against targets utilizing a variety of platforms and will include locating, identifying, characterizing, and monitoring strategic operational and tactical facilities. These contract services will also support the creation of a variety of GEOINT media and collateral imagery products such as data sets, ground truth, and briefing materials supporting various geospatial research projects
Provide services supporting the identification of technology gaps in capabilities and processes, and support the insertion of new imagery related technology into operational environment. Imagery Analysis shall be required to use a multi-INT approach in every aspect of their analytical duties to analyze AOIs to support Counterproliferation, Counterterrorism, Current Operations, Counterintelligence support Anticipatory Intelligence and Strategic Intelligence.
Perform quality control on analytical products, provide collaboration with the NGA workforce on leading edge imagery analysis technologies, and provide expert advice on technical matters related to imagery information
Serve as SME Imagery Analysts, producing intelligence on mission specific issues. The primary products produced will be summary-type reports, detailed mission graphics, database remarks, ad-hoc reports, and daily briefings
Utilize various NGA and IC databases at an intermediate to expert level of mastery. NGA uses a variety of imagery analysis formats and databases to accomplish its mission. The NES and Intelink databases are key components for this service.
Incorporate the full spectrum of GEOINT to include: NTM, manned and unmanned air breather, and civil/commercial sensors providing hardcopy and softcopy imagery exploitation. Where applicable, utilize manual light tables and electronic light tables as required.
Provide imagery analysis services in the form of datasets and visualization products that typically result in authorship of 6-9 standard, coordinated NGA intelligence reports per year, including but not limited to reports such as NIBs and GN’s. Additionally, the Contractor shall provide imagery analysis services by creating at least 20-25 standard, non-coordinated products per year, predominantly NES baseline reports or ad-hoc requests for information.
Publish NES remarks, baseline descriptions, and other imagery exploitation reporting in accordance with the NSG Directive 2-1 Exploitation and Reporting Structure (EARS-2) reporting guidance and/or SOM-associated data as necessitated by the assigned office’s requirements. These contract services will support NGA’s GEOINT Program of Analysis or other mechanism that guides analytic efforts
Read, extract and plot coordinates using multiple map and chart scales, projects and datums.
Provide and create metadata to support structured observations in support of the ODNI’s OBP initiatives.
Provide imagery analysis services on orders of battle, battle damage assessment, and other core skill sets as dictated by the government.

  Active TS/SCI required

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