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Automation and Optimization Lead

The purpose of Automation and Optimization is to keep pace with, and find creative ways to,

integrate emergent technologies into existing customer cybersecurity workflows and processes. This effort shall improve and optimize methods and technologies in support of continuous monitoring analytics for customer IS, develop and implement test scripts, tools, and procedures that satisfy customer security control requirements.

Maintain and improve existing tools and workflows, develop new solutions as needed, while keeping pace with emerging technologies to maximize business process efficiency, develop a list of cybersecurity integration objectives and agree to a delivery schedule.

Implement continuous improvement to expand, improve, and optimize monitoring methods and technologies aligned with NGA’s cybersecurity goals and objectives.

Define processes and integrate Government provided software components to facilitate consuming Enterprise Security Services (ESS) and inform optimized continuous monitoring analytics within NGA IS.

Incorporate test scripts, tools, and procedures that ensure security controls are implemented correctly, operate as intended, and produce sufficient evidence to demonstrate that security requirements are satisfied.

Integrate Government provided tools, test procedures, and processes that deliver consistent cybersecurity solutions within DevSecOps pipeline environments.


Must have an IAT certification at Level 3 or an industry recognized developer certification or a degree from an accredited institution with a major in a relevant cybersecurity or IT area.

Active TS/SCI required

Computer Network Exploitation

The purpose of CNE is to examine and simulate adversarial activity to support risk management decisions on networks and recommend appropriate mitigations against exploitable threats discovered.

Coordinate with stakeholders internal and external to NGA on threat activities and to support operations as a third party and advise NGA leadership on emerging threats when appropriate.

Conduct advanced adversary and insider threat emulation, in accordance with the defined Rules of Engagement, on enterprise systems and networks to determine enterprise risk posture and determine root cause, actionable remediation’s or mitigations, countermeasures and defensive training. Emulation activities may include participation with other NGA entities or external organizations.

Conduct penetration testing to evaluate the effectiveness of the security controls levied against enterprise systems and networks.

Conduct vulnerability validations, coordinating with internal and external entities for validating fixes of responsibly disclosed vulnerabilities/exposures.

Conduct incident response activities that provide technical subject matter expertise and analytic support to NGA Counterintelligence and Cyber Defense Provider components.

Perform threat emulation of risks and vulnerabilities identified on the NGA IT enterprise.

Develop and deliver CNE assessment reports at the conclusion of all CNE activities (e.g., penetration tests, insider threat emulation activities, etc.). The number of days from the completion of the CNE activity to the delivery of the CNE assessment report shall be 5 business days.

Provide day-to-day maintenance (routine, preventative, and corrective) of all NGA CNE equipment to ensure consistent, reliable and secure service availability.

Create Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP) and Attack/Penetration Research and Development.



Must have an advanced Computer Network Defender Service Provider (CND-SP)/Cyber Security Service Provider (CSSP) certification focused on ethical hacking (e.g., OCSP, OSCE, OSEE, GSE, GXPN, CEPT).

Must have at least an IAT Level 3 certification with one penetration testing certification or an

IAT certification with two penetration testing certifications (e.g., GPEN, GWAT, GCIH, CEH,



Active TS/SCI required

Cross-Domain Governance Lead

The purpose of Cross-Domain Governance is to implement the vision of becoming the

governance one-stop-shop for all cross domain capabilities, both enterprise and mission focused, for the totality of the GEOINT Mission. Support to the Cross Domain Support Office will include governance of delivering cross domain capability at mission speed, defending the

classified networks, enabling federated cross domain services and developing cross domain

expertise throughout NGA.

Establish and maintain a comprehensive inventory, and common operating picture of all NGA Cross Domain connections and data flows.

Support the development and maintenance of a Government approved NGA Cross Domain Strategic Plan that includes an Enterprise Cross Domain Service (ECDS) Provider Roadmap, NGA Cross Domain Consolidation Plan, and CDSO Communications Plan.

Perform architectural and engineering analyses of existing and proposed Cross Domain requirements and systems to determine their feasibility, impacts to the NGA risk posture, benefits to the NGA mission, and adherence to NGA’s ECDS Provider Roadmap and NGA Cross Domain Consolidation Plan.

Support the development, maintenance, and implementation of a Government approved Cross Domain Support Office Governance Concept of Operations (CONOPS) with a common, reusable framework for governing all Cross Domain systems in NGA, to include, but not limited to: Standardized Rule Sets for Cross Domain Data Flows and a Cross Domain Filter Policy Catalog and Repository.

Provide technical support to the Cross Domain Support Office by reviewing new, or modified Cross Domain Solution requirements.

Establish and maintain a comprehensive architectural and technical summary of all NGA Cross Domain connections, and data flows.

Determine if existing NGA Cross Domain Solution implementations can meet existing and emerging requirements.

Assess proposed Cross Domain solutions for technical feasibility and potential impacts to NGA risk posture.

Support Risk Management decisions for all Cross Domain Solutions by providing CDS expert informed security and risk assessments and recommendations.


Personnel performing Cross-Domain Governance services shall have an IAT, Information Assurance Management (IAM), or Information Assurance System Architect and Engineer (IASAE) certification at Level 3.

Active TS/SCI required

Cyber Business Intelligence Lead

Experience with utilizing the cybersecurity data provided and organize it in a way that is logical and retrievable utilizing NGA data science and presentation tools.

Analyze cybersecurity data to deliver work products and recommend actions.

Employ industry standard data science techniques to develop information enabling rapid, actionable, and timely decision making and improve NGA cybersecurity posture.

Identify, coordinate, and manage cybersecurity performance measures and metrics to understand, enhance, and portray NGA’s cybersecurity posture.

Develop methods to identify, collect, process, manage, and analyze large volumes of data for use in building actionable cybersecurity business intelligence and supporting compliance and reporting requirements.

Perform data mining and retrieval, and apply statistical, mathematical, and predictive analyses to identify trends and support data-driven decision processes to improve operational effectiveness and generate cybersecurity intelligence using a range of Government provided commercial and open-source tools.

Create methods for centralized, near real-time presentation of cybersecurity intelligence using techniques such as data visualization, performance scorecards, dashboards, and recurring reports.

Deliver weekly Analytic Projects such as Performance and Cybersecurity Business Intelligence, Risk Management, and Investment Planning reports. For example, weekly reporting zero day vulnerabilities, and IS that have a high availability but do not have disaster recovery plans or back up communications.

Deliver dynamic repeatable visualizations / status dashboards for monitoring and performance tools (e.g., ArcSight, RedSeal, Netwitness, XACTA 360, ACAS, and Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB)).


Active TS/SCI required

Cybersecurity Software Assurance Lead

The purpose of Cybersecurity Software Assurance is to determine the risk of using commercial, government, and open-source software within NGA and employs software code analysis techniques to mitigate risk during Software Development Life Cycles (SDLC).


All personnel performing Cybersecurity Software Assurance services shall have an IAT certification at Level 3 or an industry recognized developer certification or a degree from an accredited institution with a major in a relevant area.

Active TS/SCI required

Cyber-Supply Chain Risk Management Lead

The purpose C-SCRM is to develop, implement, and mature the NGA C-SCRM program. This

effort shall ensure alignment with NGA’s SCRM program requirements and objectives,

participate in the NGA SCRM process when necessary and incorporate lessons learned to

improve NGA’s cybersecurity objectives.

Support the development, maintenance, and implementation of a Government approved C-SCRM program, ensuring adherence with NGA’s SCRM program requirements.

Provide cybersecurity inputs to the NGA SCRM process, to include supporting C-SCRM cases.

Leverage outputs from the SCRM process to enhance cybersecurity activities.


All personnel performing C-SCRM services shall have an IAT or IAM certification at Level 3.

Active TS/SCI required

Imagery Analyst DIAC

Imagery Analyst services include researching the NES or its follow-on, and other appropriate databases for amplifying information, producing standard imagery analysis products and effectively collaborating with the NSG, ASG, IC, and other organizations that enhance the collection, research, analysis, and product generation processes. These services include, but are not limited to:

    • Provide services to include researching the NES, its follow-on, SOM or SOM-like applications that support OBP and its related databases, automated message-handling systems, and other appropriate databases for amplifying information, producing standard and formalized imagery analysis products, and effectively collaborating with other IC analysts during the collection, research, analysis, and product generation processes
    • Provide imagery analysis against targets utilizing a variety of platforms and will include locating, identifying, characterizing, and monitoring strategic operational and tactical facilities. These contract services will also support the creation of a variety of GEOINT media and collateral imagery products such as data sets, ground truth, and briefing materials supporting various geospatial research projects
    • Provide services supporting the identification of technology gaps in capabilities and processes, and support the insertion of new imagery related technology into the operational environment. Imagery Analysis shall be required to use a multi-INT approach in every aspect of their analytical duties to analyze AOIs to support Counterproliferation, Counterterrorism, Current Operations, Counterintelligence support Anticipatory Intelligence and Strategic Intelligence.
    • Perform quality control on analytical products, provide collaboration with the workforce on leading edge imagery analysis technologies, and provide expert advice on technical matters related to imagery information
    • Serve as SME Imagery Analysts, producing intelligence on mission-specific issues. The primary products produced will be summary-type reports, detailed mission graphics, database remarks, ad-hoc reports, and daily briefings
    • Utilize various IC databases at an intermediate to expert level of mastery. Our client uses a variety of imagery analysis formats and databases to accomplish its mission. The NES and Intelink databases are key components for this service.
    • Incorporate the full spectrum of GEOINT to include: NTM, manned and unmanned air breather, and civil/commercial sensors providing hardcopy and softcopy imagery exploitation. Where applicable, utilize manual light tables and electronic light tables as required.
    • Provide imagery analysis services in the form of datasets and visualization products that typically result in authorship of 6-9 standard, coordinated intelligence reports per year, including but not limited to reports such as NIBs and GN’s. Additionally, the Contractor shall provide imagery analysis services by creating at least 20-25 standard, non-coordinated products per year, predominantly NES baseline reports or ad-hoc requests for information.
    • Publish NES remarks, baseline descriptions, and other imagery exploitation reporting in accordance with the NSG Directive 2-1 Exploitation and Reporting Structure (EARS-2) reporting guidance and/or SOM-associated data as necessitated by the assigned office’s requirements. These contract services will support the GEOINT Program of Analysis or other mechanisms that guide analytic efforts
    • Read, extract and plot coordinates using multiple maps and chart scales, projects, and datums.
    • Provide and create metadata to support structured observations in support of the ODNI’s OBP initiatives.
    • Provide imagery analysis services on orders of battle, battle damage assessment, and other core skill sets as dictated by the government.


    • Active TS/SCI
    • 3-10 years of relevant experience
    • A bachelor’s degree in a field related to the support services may count for up to four years of this experience
    • Imagery analysis experience in the Intelligence Community at the national level.
    • Attended either the Geospatial Intelligence Training Program or equivalent.
    • Knowledge of soft copy exploitation functionalities.
    • Demonstrates good oral and written communication skills.
    • In-depth knowledge of the following systems and software programs: (REMOTEVIEW, IEC, NES, and common office software to include PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, word processing)
    • Strong knowledge of the intelligence collection process to include the government customer’s relationships with other IC Agencies.
    • Knowledgeable of multi-spectral imagery exploitation.
    • Ability to work in a very dynamic and demanding work environment
    • Ability to brief senior staff officers to affect decisions.
    • Work cooperatively as a team member and provide guidance to analysts to build effective customer relationships.
    • Ability to work independently with minimal or no oversight.
    • Knowledge of terrorism-associated issues.


Active TS/SCI required

Collections Officer

    • GIMS certification strongly preferred
    • Experience with instructing or solving intelligence problems and filling intelligence gaps through collection of airborne and space-borne imagery
    • Experience with creating, submitting requirements, or instructing GIMS or a similar tool
    • Knowledge of geospatial data and imagery analysis, including how to use image science, analytic methods, data science, open source research, and human geography to characterize events, discover relationships and trends, and produce GEOINT
    • Knowledge of national imagery exploitation processes, policies, and production cycles and the principles and applications of geographic information systems


Active TS/SCI required


    • Experience in working with or instructing MSI
    • Experience with ENVI or ERDAS Imagine
    • Experience with HSI, PI, and AGITK

Active TS/SCI required


  • Sensors – Spectral
    • Experience in working with or instructing MSI
    • Experience with ENVI or ERDAS Imagine
    • Experience with HSI, PI, and AGITK
  • Sensors – SAR
    • Experience in working with or instructing synthetic aperture radar (SAR)
    • Experience with RemoteView or SOCET GXP
    • Experience with Mensuration Services Program (MSP)
    • Experience in GEOINT analysis with a focus on multiple sensors and their capabilities
  • Sensors – Thermal
    • Experience in working with or instructing Literal and Non-Literal Thermal Infrared (TIR)
    • Experience in GEOINT analysis with a focus on multiple sensors and their capabilities
    • Experience with AGITK and RemoteView or SOCET GXP

Active TS/SCI required

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