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Imagery Analyst

Imagery Analyst services include researching the NES or its follow-on, and other appropriate databases for amplifying information, producing standard NGA imagery analysis products, and effectively collaborating with the NSG, ASG, IC, and other organizations that enhance collection, research, analysis, and product generation processes. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Provide services to include researching the NES, its follow-on, SOM or SOM-like applications that support OBP and its related databases, automated message-handling systems, and other appropriate databases for amplifying information, producing standard and formalized NGA imagery analysis products, and effectively collaborating with other NGA and IC analysts during the collection, research, analysis, and product generation processes
  • Provide imagery analysis against targets utilizing a variety of platforms and will include locating, identifying, characterizing, and monitoring strategic operational and tactical facilities. These contract services will also support the creation of a variety of GEOINT media and collateral imagery products such as data sets, ground truth, and briefing materials supporting various geospatial research projects
  • Provide services supporting the identification of technology gaps in capabilities and processes, and support the insertion of new imagery related technology into operational environment. Imagery Analysis shall be required to use a multi-INT approach in every aspect of their analytical duties to analyze AOIs to support Counterproliferation, Counterterrorism, Current Operations, Counterintelligence support Anticipatory Intelligence and Strategic Intelligence.
  • Perform quality control on analytical products, provide collaboration with the NGA workforce on leading edge imagery analysis technologies, and provide expert advice on technical matters related to imagery information
  • Serve as SME Imagery Analysts, producing intelligence on mission specific issues. The primary products produced will be summary-type reports, detailed mission graphics, database remarks, ad-hoc reports, and daily briefings Utilize various NGA and IC databases at an intermediate to expert level of mastery. NGA uses a variety of imagery analysis formats and databases to accomplish its mission. The NES and Intelink databases are key components for this service.
  • Incorporate the full spectrum of GEOINT to include: NTM, manned and unmanned air breather, and civil/commercial sensors providing hardcopy and softcopy imagery exploitation. Where applicable, utilize manual light tables and electronic light tables as required.
  • Provide imagery analysis services in the form of datasets and visualization products that typically result in authorship of 6-9 standard, coordinated NGA intelligence reports per year, including but not limited to reports such as NIBs and GN’s. Additionally, the Contractor shall provide imagery analysis services by creating at least 20-25 standard, non-coordinated products per year, predominantly NES baseline reports or ad-hoc requests for information.
  • Publish NES remarks, baseline descriptions, and other imagery exploitation reporting in accordance with the NSG Directive 2-1 Exploitation and Reporting Structure (EARS-2) reporting guidance and/or SOM-associated data as necessitated by the assigned office’s requirements. These contract services will support NGA’s GEOINT Program of Analysis or other mechanism that guides analytic efforts
  • Read, extract and plot coordinates using multiple map and chart scales, projects and datums.
  • Provide and create metadata to support structured observations in support of the ODNI’s OBP initiatives
  • Provide imagery analysis services on orders of battle, battle damage assessment, and other core skill sets as dictated by the government.

Active TS/SCI required

GEOINT Multi-Media Services Data Manager

Multi-Media Data Manager

Position Description/Req:


Multi-Media Services (Data Manager) will design and deliver operations research applications (databases, websites, tools, and products) that are geospatially enabled to support a multitude of intelligence issues. The intent is to develop automation to streamline GA and IA processes to improve consistency and quality. Based on intelligence requirements, they develop new geospatial methods and technologies from an operations research framework. They work with graphic cartographers, graphic designers, and ESRI technologies to implement and maintain geographic visualization standards. The Contractor shall provide a full range of support in the production and maintenance of finishing GEOINT services, specifically but not limited to; implementing ESRI Story Maps in a classified environment, implementing visual standards through web map services designed for the creation of the government customer products, working with ESRI Portal technology to develop and maintain map services that implement geographic visualization standards, and facilitating their use in the production of the government customer GEOINT products. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Design, develop and deliver operations research applications (databases, websites, tools, and products) that are geospatially enabled to support a multitude of intelligence issues.
  • Utilize advanced programming techniques, using any of the following: HTML 5/Javascript, ArcObjects, Python, Model Builder, Oracle, SQL, GIScience, Geospatial Analysis, Statistics, ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Server, ARC SDE, ArcIMS, SPSS, SAS.
  • Customize ArcGIS templates, Manage ArcGIS Portals, and Customize ESRI StoryMap Templates.
  • Use NET, Python, C++ and/or JAVA programming for web interface development and geodatabase development.
  • Work on multiple projects with simultaneous deadlines under fast-paced conditions; must be available to perform duties in a multiple-shift environment, as necessary.
  • Work with the government customer in a production support branch assisting in the production and dissemination of finished GEOINT information.


Active TS/SCI Required.


  • Knowledge of requirements identification and solutions that comply with the government customer standards.
  • ADO experience.
  • Experience with web-based application development.
  • Experience working in a mixed Unix and Windows environment.
  • Experience with ESRI products, ArcGIS or ArcObjects.
  • Experience with SMS (remote maintenance).
  • Be experienced with ArcGIS Desktop user skills.


  • A bachelor’s degree in a field related to the support services may count for up to four years of this experience.
  • A master’s degree in a field related to the support services may count for up to two additional years of experience.

Years of Experience

3+ years of experience

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